How can I increase my trade composite door sales and improve my profit margin?

The composite door has very quickly become a commodity product in the UK. Imported by the bucket load from Asia the buzz surrounding the fibreglass entrance door has often reached fever pitch over recent months. Every bell and whistle has began lavishing such doors…… long handles, short handles, knobs, any RAL colour you desire, extra seals, extra locks and so the list goes on. The trouble is that all these components are readily available and it is not long before all trade suppliers have jumped on the latest trend hoping this will unlock greater sales and the holy grail of prosperity for their business and themselves.

The real evidence of this can be seen when picking up copies of the composite door brochures of the key trade suppliers.

‘The door ranges are nearly always identical, the hardware is always nearly identical, the glass designs are nearly always identical and often the very images in the brochures themselves are duplicates.’

This certainly captures the views of the MD of Dual Aspect Glass, Jeremy Town. Jeremy adds ‘I think it is fair to say that key trade suppliers of composite doors offer a very similar standard commodity package. The real danger with this is how to compete and retain sales with such an oversaturated standard market offering. If a customer can buy the very same product down to the finest of details from 100’s of different sources the trade supplier is entering in to a world of longterm problems in my view. Margins will be squeezed on an ongoing basis and retention of customers will become increasingly difficult.’

Dual Aspect Glass is a market leader in the supply of decorative glass for composite doors and water based coating technology. The company is convinced that there is a strategy for trade composite door sales that offers retention of important customers, increased profitability and individuality. Jeremy comments ‘there is a solution to these issues and a far more progressive and innovative way to approach the market which we are keen to pioneer’.

‘When it comes to decorative glass for composite doors we can offer exclusive designs to our customers that will not be available from any other source’.

‘The money that they spend on marketing such exclusive ranges is then well spent as their customers have to be loyal and return to source for purchase as the offering is unique and not readily available. This also means that the trade supplier is not having to constantly concede on margin as he is bombarded with talk of cheaper prices from his competitors.’ In addition Dual Aspect are bucking the trend by offering bespoke brochure design by a professional independent designer with high quality, fresh and new images throughout.

We are determined to work closely with our customers to offer them marketing support that is not simply from a template but exclusively designed for them.

The brochure design is of the highest quality and this combined with brand new glass designs begins to give trade suppliers their own distinctive identity.’

Jeremy concludes ‘We also have an ace card up our sleeve to benefit trade suppliers. We offer nearly all decorative glass styles including zinc triple glazing, fusion and resin bevels but we offer these products for up to half the price of our competitors. We also have new and patented decorative glass technology that is only available from us and is incredibly cost effective. These products can be viewed at our newly launched tablet friendly website ‘www.dualaspectglass.com’. So if you need exclusivity, greatly improved margins and fresh marketing we are here to help.’

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