Double your profits on composite doors? Now who wouldn’t want that?

The composite door has rapidly risen within the window and door industry to become a huge growth product. It’s accessible format has made it a target for business growth in most sectors of the window and door market from large door manufacturers and super trade fabricators to one man bands working from modest premises. ‘However within this mirage of supply options lies huge pitfalls for quality suppliers of composite doors’ With so many outlets aggressively promoting the GRP entrance door the pressure to compete is intense. Service and quality become essential for all. The door and components themselves usually come from just one or two suppliers so most will offer the same door, the same hardware and often the same glass. This is not a healthy scenario for any market as it can often lead to regular price increases from suppliers and cause great difficulty competing in a market that has few unique selling points. ‘With such pressure to compete on composite doors selling prices are being driven down yet material costs are increasing putting a continual squeeze on profitability. How can suppliers cut costs and boost profits?’ So where can suppliers of composite doors seek savings to reverse this trend of declining profitability or should they be trying a different approach? Jeremy Town, Managing Director of Dual Aspect Glass is confident he has the answer. Dual Aspect Glass are market leaders in the supply of decorative glass and paint coating technology for composite doors. Jeremy comments ‘Things are becoming far more difficult for composite door suppliers as components come from just a few sources and these sources appear to be increasing prices annually. At the same time they are trying to upsell expensive new finishes or glass designs with the promise of increased sales. Here at Dual Aspect Glass we have made our business about offering the composite door supplier the opportunity to increase the profitability on every composite door they sell.’ But wouldn’t this mean a compromise of some sort? Jeremy further adds ‘We have built a business model with a reduced overhead and no debt which means Dual Aspect Glass can offer you the very highest quality products at a far more affordable price. There is no compromise on quality and in fact Dual Aspect often carries out independent testing of it’s products to insure the quality is of the very highest in the industry. ‘So on products like zinc triple glazing, fused glass designs, resin bevels and modern glass designs we can save you up to 50% on glass styles that look little different from those that are already fitted to your doors, now who wouldn’t want that?’ This appears to be a fairly simple formula and yet it allows the increased profitability on a composite door which will be more and more needed as this competitive market matures. So can Dual Aspect deliver on their promise and what makes them Unique? ‘We work with a team that has over 50 years experience in the field of decorative glazing and has 4 dedicated facilities’ says Jeremy. ‘We stock tens of thousands of panels of clear and decorative glass options to ensure a service customised to our clients needs. We would always offer an open invitation to prospective customers to visit our factories so they can see for themselves that their glass supply would be in the very safest hands. We now have the pedigree and credibility that comes from quality supply to the market leaders in the composite door sector. ‘In addition we have unique and patented decorative glass techniques that none of our competitors have. These have become top sellers for our customers and put profitability back into the composite door without any compromise on quality.’     To learn more about Dual Aspect Glass or to arrange a factory visit or meeting Please contact on: 01303 267805 email on: orders@dualaspectglass.com


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