Doorshield Spray Paints

Doorshield Colour System for GRP Composite Doors And Door Components

As a specialist in innovative products for the composite door market Dual Aspect Glass is proud to present ‘Doorshield’, a highly durable paint system that binds to the surface of multiple materials for a lasting colour finish of the highest quality. Our exclusive ‘Doorshield’ process is of unrivalled finish quality and can be used on a multitude of materials including GRP, PVC and Metal.

Unique Benefits

• We believe ‘Doorshield’ to be the most durable and high quality paint system on the market today. Our extensive test data shows superb
performance results.

• ‘Doorshield’ is available in a limitless palette of colours including any RAL or Pantone colour.

• It has been chemically formulated to provide a binding adhesion to both door and door frame.

• We offer a standard range of contemporary muted colours ‘ready mixed’ including those shown throughout this brochure.

• ‘Doorshield’ is scientifically blended in such a way as to totally preserve the grained effect of a modern GRP door. Often paints can fill and deteriorate this finer detail.


How Does ‘Doorshield’ work?

• ‘Doorshield’ colours are applied quickly and easily using a simple spraygun.

• 3 light coats is all that is required to transform the door and preparation time is minimal.

• Each door is touch dry within just 20 minutes!!

• For a quick low cost solution ready mixed colours are available ‘off the shelf’ from Dual Aspect Glass. Mixing stations are also available for those wanting to mix their paints in house.

• Simple to assemble and low cost kit form spray booths are also readily available in a variety sizes depending on customer needs.


A Perfect Match!!, RAL colour match your decorative glass to your door

• With over 25 years of experience in resin based products our team of experts can now formulate coloured decorative glass with an exact RAL colour match to any coloured door.

• Any area of the decorative design can be matched from ornate borders to simple bevel shapes.

• This can be achieved with most decorative styles including resin bevels, contemporary fused tile effect designs and our triple glazed ranges.

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